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Who said that it’s impossible to understand women? If you ask anyone who understands how dating works, they’ll reassure you that it’s actually possible to hack into the female psyche. By using a bunch of simple techniques, it’s actually possible to turn the tables in your favor and have gorgeous women chasing after you and not the other way round. Indeed, that’s exactly what the Unlock Her Legs program by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio is all about.

Unlock Her Legs Review (The Scrambler Method) What Is The Program All About?

Inside this program is a system known as “The Scrambler” and it contains some little known secrets on how to get into any girl’s mind, influence it until she’s down on her knees begging for your attention.

You see that hot lass you recently bumped on at your club meeting? Or that cute blonde who lives two blocks away from your apartment? If you use the tips contained in this program, she’ll soon be like a schoolgirl who has fallen head over heels for the varsity quarterback – literally doodling your name on her notebooks and fantasizing about you.

In a nutshell, there are 4 things you can achieve by using the techniques contained in this program. These include:

  • Creating an emotional rollercoaster
  • Getting her to obsessively analyze your behavior
  • Flipping her approval-seeking switch
  • Retreating just long enough effectively creating an unbearable sense of anticipation

Sounds unbelievable? Let us take a closer look at how exactly the program works and how it’s likely to influence or benefit your life.

What Is Included In The Program?

This is a step-by-step guide that shows you exactly what you need to do to unlock her mind. And NO, this has nothing to do with black magic or any other illegal and harmful methods. It’s the pure science of understanding what exactly goes on in her mind.

How to Get Her on Your Bed

How badly would you want to have her on your bed whispering how badly she longs for you? You can pull this technique on any woman you love to become obsessed with you. Yes, that’s correct whether be it a co-worker, a girl you met at a local bar, that cute little barista at Starbucks or even your ex-girlfriend.

By using this module, you’ll be in a position to call the shots as you’ll have the upper hand over any other girl you might be interested. Most importantly, you’ll learn exactly how to make her horny to a point that she’ll be the one making the first move on you.

*Slipping Into Her Mind

This is the next module which is contained in the ultimate secret of the Scrambler system. The whole point of this phase of learning is that you get her to chase for your attention. While at it, you’ll learn what exactly you need to do to make her crave your validation.

She’ll literally be working for you. It’s having a remote control that you can discreetly use to control her emotions.

*Making It Impossible For Her to Reject You

This is the kind of hack to go for if you want to move from being in the friend-zone to making her your “Bang Buddy.” Hundreds of dudes are already using this trick to build a whole rotation of hot chicks to hand out with.

What matters the most here is that this course shows you exactly how to take total control about where the relationship goes. So, you whether you want to marry her or just want a girl to bang, this trick is worth checking out.

*The Mind Game

The secret to winning any woman’s love and attention is by planting tiny seeds in her mind. These will eventually germinate and get her fantasizing about you even when you’re not around. The seeds will also stir jealousy in her mind that she will do everything to get and keep you all for herself. And by the time you make your move, she’ll be already sexually starving for you.

*The Complete Seduction Route Map

This playbook shows you the exact moves you need to pull to keep her under the radar. Along with learning a bunch of steps included in the Scrambler series, you’ll also discover:

  • One secret question that you can ask any girl to determine if she’s ready to sleep with you, without embarrassing yourself.
  • The number 1 secret for getting your female friend to be the one to pull the first move
  • Understanding why girls seem to easily get bored with you and what you can do to change that
  • You’ll also learn how to handle the “Make or Break” situation that characterizes the first 5 minutes of meeting up with her
  • On top of that you’ll learn about the 3 simple “power plays” which position you as the prize every girl craves for
  • You’ll be trained on some seemingly innocent text messages that you can use to plant sexual thoughts in her mind
  • You’ll also discover the secret signs that she sends out whenever she is head-over-heels for you

About The Authors

Behind this program are two awesome gentlemen Rob Judge and Bobby Rio. The two admit to the fact that they always used to have difficulties getting women to like them. This went on until they finally decided to go out of their way to get things working in their favor. Long story short, that’s how the quest for the Unlock Her Legs program began.

Benefits of the Program

(1) Quite affordable compared to paying up for relationship coaching sessions whose tips don’t even work

(2) Backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, either it works for you or you get your money back

(3) All the steps in the program as super easy to apply and discrete

(4) The program is authored in a skillful but fun-to-read style

(5) The program works as long as you implement its tips and tidbits

3 Problems with the Program

1) It’s entirely based online, no physical or face-to-face version of it exists

(2) It can only be obtained through the official website

(3) Its results are not typical and may vary depending on who you use them on


Although the program itself is enough and worth the bucks, you also get 6 extra bonuses for free. These include:

  1. Invisible Escalation – A video program that shows you exactly how to supercharge any girl’s “sexual electricity.”

2. She’s Sending You Signals – A report that gives you the power to read your dream girl’s mind.

3. The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence – If she keeps telling you that she has a boyfriend, this is the tool to use to take over her mind.

4. The Magnetic Effect Pattern – Have you been friend zoned? This is the only pattern of text messages you need to re-negotiate the terms.

5. Her Erogenous Zones – When you get the chance to take her to bed, this bonus will show you exactly what to do so you’re the best she’s ever had in bed.

6. The Dirty Dozen – Lastly, you’ll get this bonus program that shows you the 12 steps to take to break the ice and create deep conversations.

Final Thoughts

In our view, you get more than what you pay for when you give the Scrambler Method of the Unlock Her Legs guide a try. It’s a well-written program that’s also fun to follow. Most importantly, it provides you with real and measurable results. 

Verdict : Worth your time and money.

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